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The town of Dapoli has something for everyone! From its stunning beaches to its historic temples, there is something to keep everyone entertained. For those looking to take in the sights, there is the Harnai Fort and the Suvarnadurg Fort, both of which offer breathtaking views. For the adventurous, Dapoli provides a host of activities including kite surfing, parasailing, and rock climbing. Those looking to relax can explore the numerous temples and enjoy a traditional boat ride. And of course, the beaches are a must-visit, with plenty of opportunities for swimming, and soaking up the sun. The local cuisine is the icing on the cake. Our hotel is the perfect base to explore the area and discover the best of what Dapoli has to offer.

A Guide to Dapoli

Water Sports & Activities
Murud Beach Dapoli

Famous Tourist Attractions

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